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Monday, June 30, 2003
Yay! I'm 21 now!!! It was a great birthday. My friend Amy came over on Friday. At midnight, when it was officially June 28th we turned the clock tower green and went to Cool Beans for my first legal drink. Amy bought me a White Russian, which I always wanted to try. It was good! On Saturday we went to Frisco and did a little shopping. I got to go to the Sam Moon store which totally kicked butt. I bought a new purse there and at Gap Body I got a new bra and a tank top for working out. Pretty nice little shopping trip.
That night Veronica and Crystal came over and we all got dressed up and went to Addison to celebrate. I got the great pleasure of wearing my new tiara. We ate at Olive Garden, sooo very yummy. I had a frozen Tiramisu, which was a great drink :) and since it was my birthday the servers sang their birthday song to me and gave me free ice cream with a birthday candle. Then we drove around for awhile and when we finally found Sambuca it was nice. Amy and I bought ourselves some drinks and we listened to some swing music. Our crew then left Sambuca and we decided to go to downtown Dallas. I was thinking maybe we could have some coffee and cheesecake at Cafe Brazil but as soon as we got to Deep Ellum the driver got really gripey and pissed off at us. So we finally made it back, emotions more or less intact.
That was weird but over all I had fun.
Finals are this week :P but on Wednesday Legally Blonde II comes out so Amy and I are planning to go see it.
Yay for Legally Blonde :)
Alrighty, Moon Doggies, I'm out for now.

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