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Sunday, June 01, 2003
I got a B in Bookbinding. WHOO HOOO! I almost really messed up. On Wed. the art building closed early and I was out of it for a break at the time. All of my bookmaking stuff was in there and I could not work on my books at all. Luckily Justin was understanding and gave me a one day extension. Yesterday he graded my projects and gave me a I'm a happy monkey.
Tonight I'm working Kerr desk from midnight to 8am. It's only 3:30 right now. I want to explode it's so boring right now.
I really need to dye my hair. I have lovely dark brown roots showing.
Ths is the month I turn 21. Yay!
Anyways, off to occupy my time in other ways.

posted by miranda 3:46 AM