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Friday, May 09, 2003
These are things I've decided to do from now on:
Send flowers on special occasions or maybe just because
Read more
Draw more, especially people
Wear a bikini and not care about my tummy, arms, or thighs
Try to be more generous in spirit and in everything else
Try to sleep at night more, less in the day
That's it for now, I'll add on if I think of anything else

posted by miranda 7:45 PM
Wow, it's been a busy busy week. Finals are over, the residents are out and now I must pack up and leave Kerr Hall for a few months.
Speaking of Kerr, I must give a shout out to the Californian Cherubium of Kerr Hall. David, if you ever get to read this, I hope you have a terrific and safe summer and I look forward to having you on the wing again this fall.
This has been an interesting semester. I have made some major mistakes and have learned some major lessons, but over all it was a great learning experience. I think that maybe I am a different person now, but either way this semester has left it's mark on me. This will be a great summer, I can tell. It will be difficult to handle at times, I think, but it will be a nice break from the fall and spring.
Tonight and tomorrow I will be packing and Sunday I'll be moving to College Inn.
Until later, adios.

posted by miranda 7:39 PM