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Sunday, March 30, 2003
I found the funniest website in the world today. It is It is the blog of a special ed. teacher. At first I felt guilty reading about this teacher and her special ed kids for laughs, but then I realized the absolute hell she goes through everyday as part of her job. The kids are obviously messed up and some of the parents are just freakin' criminal. The stories are funny because they are all true. Reading it is like looking that this young lady's life. I mean, she's only 24 and look at all the crap she handles.
Anyways, last night I saw Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've never seen it before but it was pretty nifty. There were some diehard fans in the audience that were constantly screaming at the movie. Some of it was gross but some was really funny. The funniest part of the movie was how my friend Lindsey and I had to leave an hour early to leave behind this guy. He has a huge crush on Lindsey and he had invited himself on our movie trip just to be with her. He didn't really tell us he was inviting himself along, he was just like "When we go to the movie...." He's actually a huge homophobe and after watching the movie I am definately glad we didn't let him subject himself to it. Anyways while I was working desk and Lindsey was hanging out with me and this guy was just bothering us I started to lie and say I was too tired for the movie. At first Lindsey protested but then realized what I was doing and played along. So we announced that we would not be going anywhere that night and the guy promptly lumbered off. Lindsey and I decided to forgoe an elaborate sneak out plan and decided just to run out an hour early just to avoid running into the guy. We ended up having a grand ole' time. Well, I did see my ex-friend A. at the movie though. She was like 5 feet away from me and I saw her but I really didn't want to talk to her so I just pretended I didn't notice she was there. I know that sounds bad but she was a very bad, almost emotionally abusive friend that made me miserable every time I talked to her. Which was sad because we were pretty good friends but everything went downhill after knowing her for a year. After the beginning of last fall semester I decided to do myself a favor and break it off. I haven't called her or tried to make any type of contact with her since then. It was for my own good, really, I should have gotten myself out of that situation earlier. She hurt me soooo much I could never really like her as a friend again. I realized sometimes I have to do what's best for me....
Anyways, night night!

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