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Thursday, March 13, 2003
La la la la laaaaaaa...I had a nice long nap...a little too long though...I still have to go to the art building, then off to fun staff meeting. Whoo hoo!!! I guess. I'm working desk tonight after staff til 12. The joy. It's all good though, we usuall have fun and that makes time go by fast. I might report back from the desk, so happy trails to you my happy little blog.
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Wednesday, March 12, 2003
Today was a pretty nifty day :). I had my printmaking critique at 8am :P, but it went really well. I just know I gotta buckle down and print my little heart out this semester though. Time has really gotten past me this semester. I can't believe it's freakin spring break already. But man, I feel like I'm 200 pounds today, ick, sooo heavy. I would have worked out today but I was busy and pretty dang tired all day. It's 11:24pm, I'm just finishing up my economics project I have due tomorrow. I think I will venture back to the print lab too, you know, be a good little printmaker and all. Anyways, not too much to say tonight, cept SAN DEMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL ROCKS!!! tee hee, that's for my fellow children of the 80s.
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Tuesday, March 11, 2003
Life can be weird sometimes... You think you have eyerything figured out then some one or something vomits red, white, and blue all over your buffet table...That didn't really happen but I think it illustrates a point. So I give up on knowing everything...maybe trying isn't even worth the effort. Relationships are the weirdest...there are no true comfort zones in any friendship...if there is then either you're just fooling yourself or it's only temporary. It's just freakin' weird sometimes, I'm feeling things I've never felt before and it's not romantic or anything, just kind of in reaction to the events of my current life. I'm kind of nervous about something I would usually not be nervous about. I'm okay, really, it's just that right now life is weird.
posted by miranda 5:12 PM
Monday, March 10, 2003
*Sigh* It is 5pm. I shouldn't be here. I tried to stay in the print lab to work on my prints, but I have a headache and am very tired so I came back. My room is a mess and I have overdue library books. Oh well, least I have the rest of the night to do what I need to do. I think I will watch Boston Public and then go workout. I will try to do at least 30mins of cardio. I should do laundry tonight too, before they take out our machines in preparation for new ones. Right now I am drinking this soda called Diet Hansen's. It's pretty nifty-it has no calories, no sodium, no fat and no preservatives but best of all no aspartame or saccharin (it's made with Splenda). I really recommend it.
Here's my funny website of the day:
Whoo hoo, that's it for now :)

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Okay, now I have a new template, with kitty cats of course :P.
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Hey, it did something. Cool!
Anyways, if I have the time and remember to I will post to here. Some of it will be random, and some of it might make sense. This will be interesting....

posted by miranda 1:46 AM
Am I supposed to write stuff now? It looks like it. This is my first online writing thing. Well, 2nd if you count my random postins on, which is an awesome site if you've never heard of it. No matter how weird or how bad you feel your life is the postings on that website will make you feel as normal as Beaver Cleaver.
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