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Sunday, July 06, 2003
Oh sheesh, it's only 3:15 and I am already having problems staying awake.
Kill me now.

posted by miranda 3:21 AM
Alrighty now. It's been a longggggggg week. I had a paper due on Monday, which I did in like 45 mins before class, and I had fun finals on Thursday. This was my first (and only) summer session to have two classes instead of just one, so I wasn't experienced in having two summer finals on the sameday, which honestly kinda sucked. But it's over now so I am a happy monkey. At least finals was an opportunity to wear my tiara for good luck. Not many people asked why I was wearing a tiara so maybe they just assumed I was some weird tiara-wearing girl. Oh well.
I've been working a ton of desk this week. I worked my usual Tuesday shift, then I picked up some hours on Friday cause Carmen had off for the 4th. So I worked 8am-4pm on Friday, came back 8 hours later to work midnight-8 as usual, now I am working midnight to 8 again, then on Monday I'm working noon-4 for Carmen and lastly I work 4-12 on Tuesday once more. So it's 5 straight days of desk...kinda yucky but I will get a nice pay check.
We have just the freshman O. leaders here now. They've been really busy getting ready for the freshman to come. It's cool cause my friends Stephanie, Phil and Audrey are leaders so I get to talk to them (and do stuff for them to pass time). Tee hee, silly freshmen. I'll get to see them on Monday when I work. They'll have fun. Freshmen O. is a good time.
Start class again on Monday. I'm glad it'll be just one class this time. I think I'm taking Money and Finance Instituitions...hrmmmm, don't know bout that least it will be another class for my Minor over with.... so yay for that XD
Luckily I haven't had anything to drink since my birthday. There's been a lot of temption to just go out and buy a little something something every night tho. BUT I do not want to be someone who drinks every night. That's just not me, especially when I'm just by myself, I mean c'mon, gotta leave drinking to friend time. Not to mention all the calories alcohol has :P.
But tomorrow I have a lunch date with my friend Amanda...we may just have to get a little drinky-poo, which would be cool :).
The new hall director at Kerr Hall has been hired...
Honestly I am not thrilled about the decision but I will respect the newbie because that's part of my job.
We'll just have to see how this turns out.
One of the advantages of being a summer desk clerk, especially the graveyard shift one, is that you get to find out all sorts of fun secrets. One of the hall directors left the plans for our staff retreat on their desk in plain view, so when I had to go into the back office to grab something I managed to spy on the plans. The HDs try to keep it secret what the retreat will be, you know, to keep it special. But now Audrey and I know the plans and I might key some other folks in but who knows. The retreat will be fun, even if no surprise ;).
Seeing how it is now 3 am I think I might treat myself to somebitter grapefruit. Go me!!!
Hasta la pasta!!!

posted by miranda 3:04 AM
Monday, June 30, 2003
Yay! I'm 21 now!!! It was a great birthday. My friend Amy came over on Friday. At midnight, when it was officially June 28th we turned the clock tower green and went to Cool Beans for my first legal drink. Amy bought me a White Russian, which I always wanted to try. It was good! On Saturday we went to Frisco and did a little shopping. I got to go to the Sam Moon store which totally kicked butt. I bought a new purse there and at Gap Body I got a new bra and a tank top for working out. Pretty nice little shopping trip.
That night Veronica and Crystal came over and we all got dressed up and went to Addison to celebrate. I got the great pleasure of wearing my new tiara. We ate at Olive Garden, sooo very yummy. I had a frozen Tiramisu, which was a great drink :) and since it was my birthday the servers sang their birthday song to me and gave me free ice cream with a birthday candle. Then we drove around for awhile and when we finally found Sambuca it was nice. Amy and I bought ourselves some drinks and we listened to some swing music. Our crew then left Sambuca and we decided to go to downtown Dallas. I was thinking maybe we could have some coffee and cheesecake at Cafe Brazil but as soon as we got to Deep Ellum the driver got really gripey and pissed off at us. So we finally made it back, emotions more or less intact.
That was weird but over all I had fun.
Finals are this week :P but on Wednesday Legally Blonde II comes out so Amy and I are planning to go see it.
Yay for Legally Blonde :)
Alrighty, Moon Doggies, I'm out for now.

posted by miranda 11:26 PM
Thursday, June 26, 2003
This is me!!!

I am an overly happy A.D.D kitten

Which cute or possibly strange kitten are you?
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posted by miranda 11:10 PM
Whoo, what a week. I finished Harry Potter on Monday. Overall it was a great book, definately up to the HP standard. It was quite a bit darker then the others, but with Harry being 15 years old that is perfectly normal. I was really sad over who died, he was one of my favorite characters. But I have feeling, under the circumstances of his death, he will return in one form or another...
Tonight is the last Thursday I will be underaged. Not that I am a big drinker or anything but it will be fun to be 21. I don't even plan to drink on a regular basis, but it will be nice to have a pretty drink :)
Oh, btw, the last time I was at Kerr was yesterday and still no progress on the door lock situation....
Big surprise
I've been having problems finding coverage for my shifts this weekend. I have the first one covered but not the 2nd one yet, I may have to do something underhanded....
Dude, anyways, I'm outie ;)

posted by miranda 7:19 PM
Saturday, June 21, 2003
*Sigh* The one thing that I was worried about is now over. Because of it one of my friendship's is over. I'm sad but there is also a great relief in knowing it's over. I have that type of peace you get after a big long cry. This has been very sobering.
If the one person who knows what I'm talking about is reading this, well, I will miss you and I sincerely hope we can be friends again...sometime...
Remember that there was good with the bad....
But for now let's just do what's best.
Tonight is Harry Potter night. I read somewhere that the three-year summer is now over. Heck yeah. I'm about to soil myself in joy and anticipation (once again, the lovely anticipation.) Tomorrow my copy will come to College Inn and when I am called to pick it up I will squeal like I always do when I am excited. And I will do a great dance of joy. And I will run (probably in my pjs) to the front desk to pick it up. Schweettttttttttt
I want to know who dies. That is killing me right now.
Oh yeah, one week until the joyful 21st anniversary of my birth. :)
I'm working desk at Kerr right now. This is how smart housing is: We used to have a keypad that you would punch in a code to unlock the doors after hours. Well, housing decides to put us on a card swipe system, so today they take away all of our keypads.... AND THEN LEAVE FOR THE WEEKEND WITHOUT FINISHING THE JOB!!!!! Which means that when the doors are locked no one can get in at all!!! When I got here at midnight I had to call Chevondolyn the hall director to come downstairs and open the a tower doors so that people could walk in and get into their rooms. I mean really, for goodness sake, how f-ing stupid can you be. We are in the middle of a freaking camp and they are going to pull this crap on us. Not to mention the fact they leave the job halfway done during the weekend. That is not cool. I am all sorts of angry with this version of stupidity. I love working for housing, but ****!!!! how inconsiderate and stupid can you be.... Big GRRRRRRRRRRRRR
At least my anger will help me stay awake.
Anyways, adios.... for now ;)

posted by miranda 2:25 AM
Sunday, June 15, 2003
This weekend was hard.........The first night of working 12-8 was the worse. By the time I got out I was very delirous. Serious, I was like "wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". It was that crazy. I only slept 4 hours that day, my body wanted to get up. I did get to see "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" with Stephanie, which was excellent and then we ate at TGI Fridays. Good stuff :)
Then last night I worked again and it wasn't so bad. Still long but I made it. But this time I slept from 8:30-4. Man, that was sweetttttttt. I got to go to church, which was great. Amy and I talked on the phone, it was sooo nice to talk to her again. I also saw Phil :) he came back from Mexico.
I have a test on Wednesday but I have other things on my mind. These past few months have made me realize how much I don't stick up for myself. Right now I am feeling the consequences of that fault. Anticipation is driving me nuts. It feels like it's cutting my skin from the inside. I can barely study right now. I'm not ready.
Anyways, I going to try to study again.
Nighters :)

posted by miranda 11:54 PM
Saturday, June 14, 2003
Yippie! Another midnight-eight shift. This rocks my socks :)
Not really but I'm trying to stay optimistic
Classes are good but busy. I really don't like my schedule, I have class from 8-10 then from 12-2. I really wish I could have scheduled the classes in one big block, but oh well, I really do like my classes.
My parents' 23 wedding anniversary is today. Yay for them :)
And I turn 21 in two weeks :) yay for me
Dude, 8 hour shifts are freakin' ridiculous.
Alrighty, I'm out for now.

posted by miranda 2:16 AM
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posted by miranda 1:30 AM
Sunday, June 01, 2003
I got a B in Bookbinding. WHOO HOOO! I almost really messed up. On Wed. the art building closed early and I was out of it for a break at the time. All of my bookmaking stuff was in there and I could not work on my books at all. Luckily Justin was understanding and gave me a one day extension. Yesterday he graded my projects and gave me a I'm a happy monkey.
Tonight I'm working Kerr desk from midnight to 8am. It's only 3:30 right now. I want to explode it's so boring right now.
I really need to dye my hair. I have lovely dark brown roots showing.
Ths is the month I turn 21. Yay!
Anyways, off to occupy my time in other ways.

posted by miranda 3:46 AM